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Custom Brushless Motors and Control Systems


  • Moog Aspen has developed permanent magnet brushless motors/generators designs and manufactured them in sizes ranging from 0.7 inches to 37 inches in diameter.
    • These designs have range in power ratings: from a few watts to 65 kilowatts.
  • Our permanent magnet motor/generators have experience with the following attributes:
    • Magnets: ferrite, bonded Neo, SmCo, and sintered Neo
    • Feedback systems: sensorless (BEMF and inductance based), hall effects, encoders (optical and magnetic), and resolvers
    • Construction:
      • Inner rotor (conventional)
      • Outer rotor
    • Rotor Construction:
      • Bonded and sintered ring magnet design
      • Banding for high speed operation, when applicable
      • Laminated buried magnet designs
      • Bread-loaf sintered magnets
    • Environmental:
      • Ingress protection rating up to IP67
      • Materials approved for vacuum environment
      • Insulation rating up to Class H


Contact us and we can apply our experience, engineering talent and manufacturing resources to find the best motor-electronics-value added assembly solution to solve your problem.

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Typical Applications

  • Automation
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Computing
  • Data Storage
  • Industrial
  • Medical and Health
  • Military (via Commercial-Off-the-Shelf)
  • Telecommunications