1951 - Company Beginnings

Bill Moog starts the Little Gem Valve Company as a basement operation.
First Order = $800.
Became Moog Valve Company

1954 - Moog Expands

Moog valves standard equipment on over half of all U.S. fighter planes and 70% of guided missiles

1959 - Moog Changes Names

Name changed to Moog Servocontrols Inc.
Industrial Division formed.
Moog stock offered for first time. Sales surpass $10 million

1960 - Hydra-Point Division

Hydra-Point Division established

1965 - Moog Incorporated

Name changed to Moog Inc.
First International Subsidiary established Moog GmbH (Germany).
Sales surpass $100 million

1968 - Moog England

Moog Controls Limited formed in England.

1970 - Moog Japan

Moog Japan Formed

1972 - Moog France

Moog SARL formed in France

1974 - Space Shuttle Contract

First Space Shuttle contract.
Special Products Division formed (Moog ski bindings)

1975 - Moog Italy

Moog Italy Established

1976 - Carleton Controls

Acquired Carleton Controls
Plastics Controls Division formed

1977 - Moog Brazil

Moog Brazil Established

1978 - Moog Sweden

Moog Sweden Established

1979 - Moog Australia

Moog Australia Established

1980 - Moog Ireland

Moog Ireland Established

1983 - Sales Climb

Hydra-Point Division spun-off.
Sales surpass $200 million.

1984 - Moog in the Headlines

Moog Spain established.
Moog named to "100 Best Companies To Work For in America."
Manufacturing operation established in Baguio City, Philippines

1986 - Moog Expands Further

Engine Controls Division formed (Clearwater, Florida).
Moog Korea Established

1987 - Sales Grow

Sales surpass $300 million.
Carleton Controls sold to FR Group

1988 - New President and CEO

Bob Brady named President and CEO of Moog Inc.
Industrial Division becomes Moog Controls Inc., owned by Bill Moog

1989 - Moog Europe and Asia

Manufacturing operation established in Bangalore, India.
Moog Hong Kong and Finland established

1992 - Relocation and Expansion

Engine Controls Division relocated to East Aurora.
Moog Denmark established

1993 - Moog Singapore

Moog Singapore established.
Moog named to second edition of "100 Best Companies To Work For In America"

1994 - Moog Acquires Product Lines

Moog acquires product lines from AlliedSignal - becomes Moog Aircraft Group Torrance Operations

1996 - $450 Million in Sales

Moog reacquires Moog Controls Inc. - renamed Industrial Controls Division. Sales reach $450 million

1997 - Moog China

Moog China established

1998 - Raytheon's Montek Division

Moog acquires Raytheon's Montek Division.
Moog acquires Schaeffer Magnetics, Inc.
Named to Fortune’s "100 Best Companies To Work For in America"

2004 - Litton Poly-Scientific

Litton Poly-Scientific purchased, renamed Moog Components Group

2005 - $1 Billion Revenue

For the first time in its history, Moog's revenues exceeded $1 billion.

2005 - Business Purchases

Kaydon purchased, becomes part of Components Group.
Flo-Tork purchased in November.
FCS Controls purchased - operations in Detroit, MI and Amsterdam, Netherlands

2006 - Medical Devices

Medical Devices Segment established: purchased Curlin Medical, McKinley Medical

2007 - Companies Purchased

ZEVEX International purchased.
Thermal Control Products Inc. purchased.
QuickSet International Inc. purchased.
PRIZM Advanced Communications Electronics Inc. purchased.

2008 - 14 Year Run

2008 marked fourteen consecutive fiscal years of growth in sales, earnings and earnings per share.

2008 - CSA, LTi, Berkely and AITECS Purchases

CSA Engineering Inc. purchased.
40% ownership investment in LTi REEnergy GmbH.
Purchase of Berkely Process Controls and AITECS Medical UAB.

2009 - Business Purchases

Purchase of Ethox International, Insensys Limited.
Videolarm, Inc., Fernau Avionics Ltd. and GE Aviation Systems (Wolverhampton)

2009 - Boeing 787 First Flight

Moog’s systems control the aircraft’s flight surfaces including ailerons, flaperons, elevators, rudder, flight spoilers and horizontal stabilizer, and the high lift system, which controls the leading edge slats and trailing edge flaps.

2010 - $2 Billion Revenue

For the first time, Moog's annual revenue topped $2 billion.

2010 - Business Purchases

Moog acquires Pieper GmbH and Mid America Aviation

2010 - Senior Management Promotions

John Scannell elected President and COO.
Donald Fishback elected CFO.
Robert T. Brady remains Chairman and CEO.

2011 - Business Purchases

Moog Acquires Animatics Corporation, Crossbow Technologies, Bradford Engineering

2011 - Scannell Named CEO

John Scannell Named CEO.
Robert T. Brady continues as Executive Chairman.