Building Blocks

For customers who require a higher level of motion precision, performance and reliability, simply purchasing off-the-shelf products is not always an option. Moog’s ability to tailor high-performance solutions to the specialized needs of customers across numerous industries starts by having a deep portfolio of quality products that can be incorporated as-is or modified to fit a specific solution.

Moog’s building blocks are integrated into solutions through:

  • proven in-house design and engineering processes
  • global access to premier R&D, testing and manufacturing through facilities in more than 26 countries
  • the ability to tap into a 50-year, extensive heritage of solving our customers’ control problems and earning their trust

Others may offer one or more of these key elements, but Moog truly brings them all together to deliver significant value to whatever application our customers require.



Driving performance with precision products

In 1951, Moog invented the world’s first commercially viable hydraulic servovalve. Today, servovalves are just one of a multitude of products that we incorporate into Moog motion systems. Learn how various Moog building blocks drive solutions for:





Putting it all together

What sets Moog engineers apart is more than having access to such proven product lines. It’s the ability to understand what a specific application requires and the expertise to design components that precisely meet these requirements.

We match application know-how with component expertise for customers in key industries. For example, Moog provides complete subsystem integration for defense and space vehicles.

In addition, Moog engineers can rely upon best practice design and development processes, quality assurance programs and system test protocols refined over decades as an industry leader.

Moog’s global network of system test centers, clean room manufacturing facilities and product support capabilities help expedite product development, minimize associated costs and deliver total peace of mind for customers whose entire enterprise may hinge on the performance of Moog-supplied motion systems.



Blueprint for Building Blocks

When we design and develop a component for a specific customer application, engineers across the company can access and implement not just the component itself, but the accumulated learnings of the team who designed it. Every Moog component adheres to key criteria that make it easier to share the technology, as well as ensuring the same exacting Moog standards regardless of the application. These include:

  • modularity
  • repeatability
  • ruggedness
  • durability
  • out-of-the-box reliability
  • design simplicity
  • network or system connectivity
  • ease of configuration
  • complete factory support