High Performance & Extreme Environments

Designing high-performance motion systems for conventional operating conditions is already a significant challenge. Designing systems for precision, durability and performance in hostile environments like outer space, the ocean depths or the middle of a desert is even more complex and challenging.

Incorporating components optimized for ruggedness and durability, and rigorously tested to ensure flawless operation in these environments, Moog solutions answer the need for a higher level of precision performance when simply surviving is considered a success.



Overcoming the toughest performance obstacles

Moog motion systems are at home in a wide range of unforgiving conditions. They are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, severe shock, constant vibration and a variety of other potentially destructive factors. Machine builders, engineers and end users around the world rely on Moog when their livelihoods are on the line. Here are a few extreme environments you’ll find Moog motion systems at work:





Making a big difference in a smaller package

Not all extreme operating environments involve temperature or vibration. Some require a form factor that meets the customer’s unique needs for high performance in an unusual package. Moog experts have created some of the world’s most compact motion solutions that deliver a whole new level of productivity in some unexpected places.

Learn about Moog ingenuity in compact design in medical applications and inFormula One racing.





Going beyond conventional thinking

Frequently, a customer’s application will require motion performance at a much higher level than is typically available. Moog works closely with the customer to meet the challenge, often delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency, durability and precision. You’ll find Moog high-performance solutions at work in applications such as:

When customers need high-performance solutions for their most taxing environments and applications, Moog is ready to help.