Pushing the Limits in Electric Flight Simulation

For flight simulators used to train pilots in the latest aircraft models, its' all about realism. The training must exactly replicate the conditions and feel of actually flying an aircraft. Moog provides a full range of extremely high fidelity motion base systems that integrate seamlessly with the cockpit visuals and instrumentation. And today, we’re pioneering the use of electric technology for even greater customer benefit.

Moog is leader in the design of high payload 14,000 kg (30,000 lbs) motion bases that incorporate electric technology for cleaner operation, lower maintenance costs and cost of ownership, improved realism and significant energy savings. In fact, Moog created the first high-payload electric motion base system that was able to secure U.S. Federal Aviation Administration Level D Certification.

The system includes a six degree of freedom (6 DOF) motion base with actuators featuring stroke lengths of 152 cm (60 inches), controllers and software, as well as an advanced control loading system that allows the pilot to exercise the primary and secondary flight controls from the simulator’s cockpit.


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Electrifying the Feel of Flight: Moog Industrial offers Electric Actuators replacing hydraulics in full-flight simulators while still maintaining that aircraft "feel". Read the details on how Moog has captured that high fidelity "feel" with sophisticated electric actuation systems for today's full flight simulators. As appeared in Machine Design Magazine.

Electrifying the Feel of Flight [PDF]