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Moog continues to revolutionize the way to space. We have you covered from fully integrated systems, like our SL-OMV, to all you need for avionics and power management, vibration control, propulsion, mechanisms, and structures. Discover more of our small satellite solutions on the various tabs. 

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Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV)

The OMV is designed to launch on NSSL-class launch vehicles (Atlas V, Delta IV, Falcon 9) while supporting up to 1,500 kg of secondary payloads with a variety of standard separation systems. The OMV can be used to disperse small satellite constellations, act as a Hosted Payload platform, or deliver a single spacecraft to its ideal orbit. The OMV is a modular platform and has its own avionics, power, propulsion, and communications systems that are configurable for short durations up through multiyear missions in a wide range of orbits and transfer capabilities

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High Performance GPU Computing for Space

Moog Inc and Unibap have teamed to produce next-generation GPU processors for LEO, MEO and GEO missions. We are developing spacecraft products and capabilities for onboard high-speed computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Watch our demonstration video to learn more!

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Unibap is a key partner in Moog’s continued development of next-generation radiation-tolerant GPU space products. Moog’s high-performance Space VPX heterogeneous GPU-compute products leverage Unibap’s expertise and space heritage on past and upcoming flights. Unibap, a leading NewSpace data and information processing company, provide the SpaceCloud® cloud computing ecosystem to empower space systems with new and enhanced capabilities. SpaceCloud offers on-orbit timely data generation, storage and analytics for small to large satellites, deep space exploration, and space robotics. 

Structures and Vibration Control

Moog designs and manufactures spacecraft vibration and shock isolation systems, including SoftRide and ShockWave. We design a variety of payload adapters, including many ESPA options and cubesat carriers. Moog provides motion-based solutions for space-simulation testing. We also provide vibration and shock testing services.

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Moog has produced spacecraft motion control products for more than 50 years, dating back to the historic Apollo and Pioneer programs. Today, we offer rotary, linear, and specialized mechanisms for spacecraft motion control needs. Moog is a world-class manufacturer of solar array drives, propulsion positioning gimbals, antenna positioner mechanisms, lock and release mechanisms, and specialty payload positioners.

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Moog provides components and subsystems for cold gas, chemical, and electric propulsion and designs, develops, and manufactures complete chemical propulsion systems, including tanks to accelerate the spacecraft for orbit insertion, station keeping or attitude control. Moog makes thrusters from 10mN to 112N to support the small to large spacecraft propulsion requirements.

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New Space

Our New Space group is aimed at being an agile and collaborative partner for launch, exploration, and small satellite ventures. Viewed as a company within a company, the New Space team leverages Moog's heritage and shared resources to meet the needs of a variety of companies from startups to legacy customers.

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