Breakthrough in Space Propulsion

Moog successfully tested its most advanced 5 lbf monopropellant thruster design utilizing AF-M315E. This testing validated Moog’s design theory for materials and performance.  In design, the engine has a new internal geometry for greater efficiency, performance and life.  In materials, the chamber and catalyst will have increased ignition and life characteristics that are optimized for the AF-M315E, and other high performance green monopropellants. Moog demonstrated thruster ignition at lower catalyst bed temperatures which significantly reduces power consumption. In performance, the test firing delivered good combustion efficiency of up to 85% and showed no significant damage to the thruster chamber or catalyst bed.  The test also demonstrated the thruster’s ability to survive at near thermal equilibrium with a 20 second firing without propellant washout or hardware damage, and showed smooth and predictable ignition transients from 250-400 psi feed pressure

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