Moog is the premier manufacture of electrohydraulic actuators for Industrial, Aerospace, and Defense applications.

Just as computers have revolutionized information technology, they have also revolutionized controls in aircraft, missiles, launch vehicles (rockets), and industrial machinery. Our principle products are servoactuators that take the information generated by computers and then makes something happen – precision motion control for these applications.

An electrohydraulic servocontrol system consists of six major elements indicated in the diagram above: control electronics, which may be a computer, microprocessor or guidance system and which create a command input signal; a servo-amplifier which provides a low power electrical actuating signal which is the difference between the command input signal and the feedback signal generated by the feedback transducer, a servovalve which responds to this low power electrical signal and controls the flow of hydraulic fluid to an actuation element such as a piston and cylinder which positions the device being controlled; and a power supply, generally an electric motor and pump, which provides the flow of hydraulic fluid under high pressure. The feedback transducer measures the output position of the actuator and converts this measurement into a proportional signal which is sent back to the servo-amplifier.

Industrial Hydraulic Actuators

Moog has vast experience developing actuators for some of the world’s most demanding applications and building high performance motion control components is one of our strengths.