BS12 High Performance Brushless DC Motors

Silencer® Series

BS12 High Performance Brushless DC Motor

The BS12 is a very high energy size 12 BLDC motor. Utilizing rare earth sintered magnets and hand inserted stator windings, this high performance brushless DC motor has a very high torque / volume ratio. Ideal for applications requiring a high energy, high efficiency BLDC motor where space is limited.

Hall-effect feedback is standard with sensorless or resolver feedback optional. Other options include gearheads and ballscrews. Custom solutions available.

For more information about how this product can be tailored to fit your specific application, contact our motors experts.


  • 6 pole inside rotor for quick acceleration
  • High torque / volume ratio
  • High energy sintered neodymium magnets
  • High stator slot fill for high Km
  • Skewed rotor for minimum detent torque


  • Operation at any single speed - not limited to AC frequency
  • Motor life is not limited to brush or commutator life
  • An essentially linear speed / torque curve
  • Efficient operation without losses associated with brushes and commutation or armature induction
  • Precise, variable speed control
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Long-life operation
  • High performance in a compact package

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Typical Applications

  • Robotics
  • Commercial and military aircraft actuation systems
  • Oil exploration equipment
  • Medical pumps and compressors
  • Packaging equipment