Moog is a premier solutions provider for propulsion controls for spacecraft fluids, launch vehicles, and tactical missiles. We provide the largest product offering of flight-proven products to complete all of your mission needs.

Launch Vehicles

Cold Gas Thrusters

Our high performance cold gas thrusters are used on a wide array of spacecraft systems, launch vehicle roll control systems, and even on astronauts' EVA backpacks during extra-vehicular maneuvers.

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Engine Control Valves and Cryogenic Components

Engine control valves are highly responsive and compatible with cryogenic or storable gas and fluid propellants. Moog's engine control valve solutions include ball, poppet, torque motor and solenoid valve.

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Propulsion Components and Subsystems

Components and subsystems for launch vehicles regulate propulsion and pressurants for SRBs, main engines and upper stage engines.

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Spacecraft Propulsion Components

Moog provides reliable components and subsystems for chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion systems. Our products can accommodate small satellites to large GEO satellites.

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Propulsion Systems

Propulsion systems for spacecraft are used to accelerate the spacecraft for orbit-insertion, station keeping, or attitude control. Moog provides components and subsystems for chemical, electric and cold gas propulsion and designs, develops and manufactures complete chemical propulsion systems.

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Missile Systems

Divert and Attitude Control Thruster Valves

Today’s sophisticated Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Systems rely on Divert and Attitude Control Systems (DACS) to steer the Kill Vehicle (KV) through the final intercept trajectory. At the heart of the DACS are Moog thruster valves which precisely meter the flow of propellant to the rocket engines used for KV steering.

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