Size 11 Single Speed Brushless Resolvers

Size 11 Single Speed Brushless Resolvers image


For use in applications that range from computer-controlled machine tools to sophisticated medical instrumentation, Moog resolvers with their proven brushless design – are the accurate, safe and quiet way to sense position and / or velocity* in your position feedback system. Their rugged design provides reliable performance in even the toughest, vibration-prone industrial and instrument applications. As a custom manufacturer, Moog can provide a size 11 brushless resolver to the exact configuration and accuracy your application demands.

*Used in conjunction with resolver-to-digital converter


  • Uncompromised reliability
  • ±7 accuracy standard, ±3 available
  • Eliminates electrically generated noise
  • High speed rotation
  • Reliable performance in presence of high vibration
  • 400–10,000 Hz frequency range standard
  • Compatible with converters
  • .250 dia. shaft readily available
  • Short housing lengths available
  • Low cost
  • Custom modifications available


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Typical Applications

  • Brushless DC servo commutation, position,
  • and velocity feedback
  • Robotics and factory automation
  • Machine tools
  • Material handling equipment
  • Medical instrumentation
  • Packaging equipment

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