Industrial Servo Drives Overview

Servo Drives provide fully digital control over position, velocity or torque for synchronous, asynchronous, linear or torque  servo motors. Moog specializes in high performance Servo Drives with a wide selection of power sizes  that are flexible to work with a variety of machine designs.  Some key features include:

  • Highest dynamics and reliability
  • Thermal management for operation in demanding industrial environments
  • Characteristics matched to optimize the performance of Moog Servo Motors
  • Available for both cabinet and decentralized system architectures


Drive-Integrated Servo Motor (DI2020)

New integrated servo drive with on-board power electronics for decentralized machine architectures and IP65/67 requirements.

  • The decentralized solution allows a reduction in the number of connections and of potential failures
  • Sensitive cost savings due to reduced wiring (no feedback cabling)
  • The decentralized architecture saves up to 90% of cabinet space
  • High resolution and high sampling rate of its control loops provide high accuracy and fast execution of movements

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Decentralized Servo Drive (DR2020)

High  performance, IP67 protection grade for liquid and dust resistant applications.

  • Ruggedized for harsh working environments
  • Streamlines wire configurations and saves cabinet space
  • Single connector for power and signal
  • Safe Torque Off and Safe Brake Control safety functions
  • Fully integrable into multi-axis configuration 

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Digital Multi-Axis Servo Drive (DM2020)

Compact, digital multi-axis servo drive for top performance and maximum productivity.

  • Maximum synchronization between the axes thanks to the dual-axis layout in a single module
  • High-speed field bus connection via EtherCat and Canopen
  • The multi-axis architecture reduces the overall dimensions by roughly 50% compared to equivalent standalone configurations
  • Safe Torque Off function available with independent management on all axes
  • User-friendly graphic interface allows rapid access to all functions for an easy set-up, start-up and monitoring

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Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)

High performance, programmable, multi-axis platform with fully safety functions.

  • Multi-axis systems powered by a common shared system voltage with fast update rated for control loops and a IEC 61131 motion control programming software package
  • Flexible system includes multi-axis , single-axis (in a range of sizes), power supply and motion controller modules that all work together across a range of machines
  • Regenerative power supply capability for optimum system efficiency
  • Implements safety functions according to EN 61508 and supports simultaneous feedback from multiple encoders to ensure maximum accuracy 

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Digital Single-Axis Servo Drive (DS2020)

Programmable platform with STO (Safe Torque Off) and SBC (Safe Brake Control) and Fully Customizable Control Loops and Software Functions.

  • Extremely compact design helps reducing cabinet space and installation costs
  • Complete analog interface available for backwards compatibility with analog drives
  • Supports single multi-turn fully digital or Sin/Cos encoders and any type of resolver
  • High-speed communication via field bus connection to a wide range of control systems via EtherCat and CANopen

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Programmable Single-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)

Modular multi-axis servo drive with motion controller.

  • High performance, programmable platform with full functional safety
  • High performance, programmable servo drive platform 
  • Programmable with comprehensive IEC 61131 motion control package and control loops functionality using Math Works C/C++ 
  • High update rates, operating at cycle times of 62.5 µs for current and 125 µs for velocity and position control loops 
  • 8 sizes based on output current rating from 4 up to 450 Arms and 3 compact size versions based on output current rating: from 2 up to 8 Arms 

Note: This can also be used as in the Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive (MSD)

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Customizable Single-Axis Servo Drive

High performance, easily customizable servo drive platform.

  • Programmable at the factory with your application-specific control algorithms 
  • High-speed interfaces provide a fully digital link for receiving motion commands, providing feedback of status and initializing controller parameters
  • 7 sizes for easy implementation in a range of machines configurations 

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Product Change Notice

As of 1 April 2014, all products in Moog's Programmable Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD), excluding the motion controller, will ship with updated hardware and firmware. As a result, units shipped as of this date will no longer be compatible with older versions of firmware. For further details, please see the Product Change Notice.

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News Release

New Programmable Servo Drives from Moog with Integrated Safety Functionality

Moog’s family of programmable single- and multi-axis modular servo drives has been extended to include optional safety functions compliant with the EN 61800-5-2 safety standard.  Read More

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