Digital Multi-Axis Servo Drive (DM2020)


The DM2020 is a state of the art servo drive designed to meet the requirements of the most challenging machine builders. It unites flexibility, high performance and simplicity of use. Its  modular design platform permits a high level of customization to satisfy specific application needs. With its high-performance control board and software for advanced control, the DM2020 guarantees speed and faster cycle times, improving efficiency and ensuring maximum productivity. The multi-axis architecture with a shared power supply unit reduces the size of the axis module and overall dimensions of the system by roughly 50% compared to a stand-alone similar configuration. AC/DC power is distributed among the axes through internal front panel connections.


• The compact design and the multi-axis architecture, with shared power supply,  allow machine builders to reduce cabinet space and consistently cut wiring costs  
• Maximum flexibility to work with different motor types and feedback devices to meet all applications requirements
• Energy savings thanks to the shared DC BUS configuration that allows an exchange of energy between the axes, reducing overall energy consumption
• A user-friendly graphic interface allows easy access to all functions, simplifying the settings, initial start-up and system monitoring
• Maximum synchronization between the axes thanks to the dual-axis layout implemented in a single module and the connection between modules via CANopen. 



Current Rating

Servo Drives from 2-256 A with centralized AC/DC power supply modules (two sizes)


Compact Sizes: Height and depth (455 mm [10.04 in], 249 mm [9.80 in]) are the same for all modules. Width (smaller module is 50 mm [1.97 in]) changes according to the rated current

Communication Protocols

High-speed communication via field bus connection to a wide range of control systems via EtherCat and CANopen

Feedback Devices

Support for simultaneous feedback from 2 transducers ensures precise positioning capability extending from resolver to fully digital or Sin/Cos single/multi-turn encoders. Each axis module offers, as a standard, Resolver and Encoder


Safe Torque Off function available on all axes with independent management of each axis

Special Features

Brushless sensorless, gantry function and servo gear pump control are available


Tailored software to meet any application requirement with easy configurations