Environmental Health And Safety

As a Company, we aspire to have a sustainable, global Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) culture where all Moog businesses operate in a responsible manner that demonstrates our commitment to the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment. Our commitment will not be compromised.

We focus on setting objectives and targets for each Business Unit (Segment) and Site that assures:

  • Continuous improvements driving to eliminate and prevent work related illnesses and injuries, as well as to reduce chemical product usages and wastes generated;
  • Measure and monitor our EHS performance helping us ensure we remain on track;
  • Compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety legislation, Companywide Business Expectations, and other business driven requirements for all of our identified hazards and environmental aspects;
  • Our business EHS management systems vary by Moog Site, allowing our different global operations the flexibility to implement what they need to succeed.  Industry recognized EHS management systems with third party certifications are necessary to demonstrate our commitment to the Environment, Health or Safety, as such financial commitments for these certifications is decided on a Site basis.

Our corporate EHS function, in partnership with each business operating group, assess metrics quarterly and build annual performance plans to enhance our great culture, enable everyone’s success and build strong partnerships.

Our Company engineering and supply chain functions work together to identify substances that are internationally identified as unfavorable for the environment and/or end users who work with our products.  Moog products are articles that operate in many life-critical applications and together with our customers we work to ensure the least hazardous materials are used that will not compromise the safety and performance quality of our products.