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Digital Airfield Solutions


Airfields are complex operating environments. New technologies integrated into a user-centric interface can significantly enhance situational awareness and enable a step-change in data insights. Therefore improving safety, and reducing cost and disruption for all aviation stakeholders.

For Commercial Airfields


Tarsier for F-35


For Military Airfields


Tarsier: Next Level Airport Runway Surveillance

Tarsier's advanced, all-weather technology radar system guarantees runway inspection even in inclement and harsh weather conditions. Whether operating Tarsier in high temperatures, sandstorms, or at an airfield that encounters frequent fog, Tarsier is the only runway surface management system that can operate and detect foreign object debris in zero visibility conditions.

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Robin MAX® 3D Bird Radar

Birds and flocks detected up to 6 mile (10km) range. 



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Robin IRIS® 3D Drone Radar

Micro-Doppler technique detects the unique profile of rotor blades. 


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