Flight Simulation

Moog is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of motion platforms spanning a variety of key applications for payloads ranging from 1,000 Kg (2,200 lbs) to 16,000 Kg (36,000 lbs). Our motion base systems can be tailored for specific applications in any number of Degrees of Freedom (DOF) configurations.

With 40 years of high fidelity performance associated with legacy systems, we have become synonymous with electric technology since designing the first 4,500 kg (10,000 lb) electric platform in 1994. In fact, Moog motion systems provide the highest level of performance available in the industry.

Our second generation level B, C or D certified all-electric solutions are designed to offer an unprecedented level of fidelity to match the motion cues to the sophisticated visuals and the reliability needed to ensure more availability. Our systems are delivered with Moog Simulation Software, a single real-time interface for system installation, maintenance, tuning and troubleshooting.

In addition, we have installed more than 4,000 control loading channels in the field, ranging from basic flight training applications to high fidelity full flight simulators.

Finally, high-performance Moog G-seats round out a roster of solutions that has helped us become synonymous with leading-edge motion control.

A New Level of Performance

In more than 25 countries worldwide, our representatives and technical teams provide flexibility, innovation and trusted solutions when delivering our leading-edge solutions.

Here are just a few of the areas in which our expertise and technology play a key role:

  • Attaining higher levels of fidelity
  • Maximizing your training availability and investment
  • Adding flexibility to training systems
  • Collaborating with you to deliver proven solutions and expert service and support worldwide

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