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High Integrity Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

Reconfigurable, Multi-Domain, Safe, Connected, Secure.


An Evolutionary Design of the S250

Moog HE350 Hybrid Electric Autonomous Base Platform

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Swipe to reconfigure the HE350

  • - 500lbs

    - Universal Payload Interface

    - Mobile Electric Power Source

  • - 127NM/146mi/235km range based on payload

    - High Integrity UAS

    - Easy Transport & Setup

  • - 70 kts Cruise, 112 kts Max. 

    - Dual (Civil/Military) Use

    - Fuel: Jet A, Jet-A1,

    JP-8, De‐Fueled, 100% SAF

Easily Transportable.

Transportable in standard shipping container and/or Air Force 463L Pallet.