Primary Flight Control for Airbus A350 XWB

Moog is providing the design, integration and certification support for the Primary Flight Control Actuation on the A350 XWB.  Moog provides 27 discrete actuators and associated control electronics on this program.  This system includes a mix of electrohydraulic (EH) and advanced electrohydrostatic (EHA) actuators to control the aileron, elevator, rudder and spoiler flight surfaces.

Moog’s products feature:

  •   More electric actuation technology
  •   On board electronics for actuator power and control
  •   Highly integrated assemblies to meet challenging envelope constraints

Moog is also supplying the Trailing Edge Actuation System for the A350 XWB including the power control unit, inboard and outboard geared rotary actuators, gearboxes, wing tip brakes and other miscellaneous components.