Fully Integrated Flight Control Solutions

Moog has been supplying complete system solutions that offer improved dispatch reliability to the business jet market for more than three decades.

Our solutions include complete and certified:

  • Fly-by-wire flight control systems for primary and secondary flight control surfaces
  • Leading edge and trailing edge flap actuation systems
  • Stabilizer trim systems

Our system solutions leverage a comprehensive design, integration and certification capability. With certified system solutions and a complete portfolio of electronic controls and actuators, we are uniquely qualified to provide stand alone or fully integrated flight control solutions to best meet the customer's program objectives.

Our Offering:

  • Stick-to-Tail Systems
  • Primary Flight Controls
  • Secondary Flight Controls
  • High Lift Controls
  • Control Electronics
  • Actuators
  • Components

Our Heritage:

  • G650, G450, G350, G280, GV, GIV, GIII, GII
  • Challenger 300, Challenger 600/601/604/605, Global Express, Lear 45
  • Hawker 4000, Premier 1
  • Citation X


  • Flight Controls
  • Spoiler Control Systems
  • Pitch/Trim Systems
  • Stabilizer Systems
  • Flap Actuation Systems