High Reliability Solutions for Severe Operating Environments

Moog has been designing and manufacturing innovative products for the Military Helicopter market for more than 40 years.


  • Fly-by-wire helicopter flight control system
  • Ballistic-tolerant flight control actuators
  • Active vibration control systems

Our product solutions deliver high reliability operation in the severest operating environments and leverage highly supportable, time tested, building blocks.

Our system solutions leverage our comprehensive design, integration and qualification capability.  With an unrivaled mix of system and component expertise, we are uniquely qualified to deliver solutions optimized for performance, weight and reliability.

Our Offering:

  • Main Rotor & Fantail Actuators
  • Roll/Pitch Trim Actuators
  • Vibration Control Systems
  • Control Electronics
  • Actuation Products
  • Components

Our Heritage:

  • RAH-66, AH-64, H-60, CH-53, CH-47
  • EH-101, AW159, AW129
  • V-22



  • Flight Controls
  • Engine Controls
  • Active Vibration Control
  • Aiming & Stabilization
  • Bladefold Actuation
  • Utility Actuation