High Reliability Solutions for Severe Operating Environments

Moog has been designing and manufacturing innovative products for the Military Helicopter market for more than 40 years.

Our Offering

  • Primary Flight Controls
  • Secondary Flight Controls
  • Maneuvering Leading Edge Flap Controls
  • Control Electronics
  • Actuators
  • Components

Our Heritage:

  • B-2, B-1B, B-52
  • C-130, C5, XC-2, C-295, C-27, CN235
  • E-10, E-2C, SR-71, U-2
  • P-8, P-3, MC-130
  • XP-1, A400M
  • KC-767, KC-330, KC-135, KC-130, KC-10, KC-46
  • Shuttle, X-38


  • Flight Controls
  • Weapons Bay Controls
  • Engine Controls
  • Braking & Steering
  • Wingfold Actuation
  • Autopilot Controls
  • Utility Actuation

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