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From tactical to strategic missiles, from close air support to long range hypersonic, Moog leads the industry in providing precision flight control actuation systems. Our Weapon Stores Management Systems are lightweight, rugged, and an affordable solution to stores management on air platforms.

Equipping Those who Defend Freedom by Air

Missile Systems

Weapon Stores Management Systems

Precision Missile Steering

Our products play a critical role in the mission success of a weapon system. Failure is not an option. Moog’s portfolio of qualified, modular designs allow for rapid prototyping of low risk control system solutions.

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Weapon Stores Management Systems

This proven, lightweight rugged system is an affordable solution to stores management on air platforms. The SMS leverages Moog’s extensive experience in systems integration, internal software development, weapons technology, and fire control solutions.

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Moog Solutions Can Be Found on Various Air Platforms

  • Rotary Wing

    • Weapon Stores Management Systems (SMS)
    • Flight Control Systems
    • Missile Launchers
    • Vibration Control
    • Slip Rings
  • Fixed Wing

    • Weapon SMS
    • Flight Control Systems
    • Stabilized Motion Control for Turrets
    • Engine Control Systems
    • Media Converters/Ethernet Switches
  • UAS

    • Flight Control Systems
    • Weapon SMS
    • Missile Launchers
    • Actuators
    • Vehicle Management Systems 
  • Missiles & Kill Vehicles

    • Thrust Vector Control
    • Fin Control
    • Wing Deploy
    • Divert and Attitude Control Thrusters
    • Seeker Motors