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Moog designs, manufactures and integrates weapon systems, sub-systems and products for a variety of global military vehicle platforms. You can gain access to the expertise in fire control, gun control, weapon stabilization, and weapons integration found on over 30 of the world’s leading military vehicle platforms including manned and unmanned turrets and remote weapon stations. 


The Reconfigurable Integrated-weapons Platform is a flexible, scalable remote turret providing tailored overmatch and improved survivability against current and emerging threats across the full spectrum of conflict. Providing precision medium caliber and indirect-fires lethality, this product is light enough for a tactical vehicle, yet has more fire power than most currently fielded combat systems.

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Flexible Missile Platform

FMP blends Moog’s world-renowned expertise in military motion control and stabilisation with its high-performance stores management technology. Missiles previously only launchable from helicopters may now be fired from ground vehicles with missile combinations able to suit any mission need from any platform.

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