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Conversions and Upgrades

We work closely with our customers, vehicle manufacturers and the armed forces to upgrade, convert, and reset existing assets. Our engineers are experts in both electromechanical (EM) and electrohydraulic (EH) motion control systems and technologies, providing system upgrades to meet strict space, weight, and power constraints.

Manufacturing facilities at Moog are sized to handle large conversion and upgrade programs for combat vehicles, turrets, missile launchers, and any other military asset requiring mission-critical motion control improvements. The unique modeling capabilities that Moog engineers have access to, allow for these conversions and upgrades to be successfully completed. Moog specializes in: Hydraulic Improvements Electromechanical (EM) upgrades Hydraulic to EM upgrades

MLRS Upgrade

The MLRS is a high-mobility, automatic system based on M270 weapons platform. Moog, along with its customer KMW, took the lead on the systems integration from start to finish of the MLRS, which converted the launcher drive system from hydraulic to electric. The upgraded system is now in production for end-users in Germany, France and Italy. With the use of resources worldwide, Moog successfully completed the conversion, eliminating existing problems on the MLRS consisting of:

  • Internal and external leakage
  • Health hazards from hydraulic fluid
  • Complex troubleshooting
  • Time-consuming repair and maintenance work
  • Continuous re-laying of the Launcher Loader Module


With the success of the MLRS conversion, Moog demonstrated the ability to provide a complete package, from development to integration to final testing.