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Vehicle Integration Solutions

We are an industry expert in vehicle platform integration and design. Our expertise in vetronics, mechanics, design and integration make us an ideal partner in new vehicle platform design and manufacture as well as vehicle upgrade and retrofits. 

An Industry Expert in Vehicle Platform Integration

C4I Solutions

Moog has the expertise and experience to provide today's warfighter with the most advanced C4I systems. Our systems utilize both COTS and custom technologies to meet the cost and performance requirements of demanding army's worldwide.

Vehicle CAD Modeling

Moog has the ability to develop complete and accurate CAD models of military vehicles. These models are invaluable for system upgrades and optimization. Our engineers have worked with the vehicle manufacturers to measure every component of the vehicle to get perfect CAD renderings of the vehicles.

Custom Cabling, Routing and Assembly

Moog's cable designs and assemblies are field on many military programs today. Moog has the expertise to design, package, and integrate these specialty cabling systems to meet the harsh environments for today's sophisticated vehicle electronics systems.