Naval Platforms

Moog is pleased to be a primary supplier of hydraulic and electromechanical rotary and linear actuators for America's submarines, aircraft carriers, and other naval vessels. The company is responsible for hundreds of specially designed systems that operate critical valves, hatches and other devices on board these vessels.

Littoral Combat Ship - USS Little Rock LCS#9 & Fleet


The Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) is the Navy’s newest class of warship with two variants, the Freedom-Class and Independence-Class. Both warship classes feature Moog components and solutions. Moog’s actuation and stabilization technology is incorporated into the two MK46 naval turrets, each using a 30mm high velocity cannon for shipboard self-defense. The MK46s are part of the surface warfare mission package, a specialized mission package which will be fitted to approximately half of the Freedom-Class and Independence-Class variants in the LCS fleet.

Moog provides the LCS fleet’s tactical air navigation (TACAN) and surveillance system and Independence-Class specific stabilization system servocontrols. The Little Rock will deploy two Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk®multi-mission helicopters that feature Moog integrated trim/boost servoactuator assemblies for pitch trim, roll trim and yaw boost as well as Moog active vibration controls.

Los Angeles Class Submarine (SSN-688)

Ohio Class Submarine (SSBN-726)

Virginia Class Submarine (SSN-774)

Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carrier (CVN-78)

Seawolf Class Submarine (SSN-21)