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Naval Vessel Systems

Moog designs and manufactures high performance electrohydraulic (EH), electrohydrostatic (EHA), and electromechanical (EM) motion control devices for nuclear submarines, aircraft carriers, surface ships and deep submersibles. We also design and manufacture complex electromechanical actuators and control electronics for steering unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) and remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Equipping Those Who Defend Freedom by Sea

Our motion control solutions comply with stringent naval qualification requirements such as shock, vibration, low acoustic signature, and seawater corrosion resistance. Moog also supplies weapons, weapon integration, remote surveillance and threat management systems for shipboard and naval facilities security.
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Steering, Diving, and Propulsion Systems for AUV and Torpedoes

Moog has over 50 years of motion control system design and manufacturing experience in the subsea domain. U.S. Navy submarine programs have relied on Moog for mission critical actuation hardware from the USS GEORGE WASHINGTON class to the USS VIRGINIA class. For applications in challenging environments: Moog has reliable, low risk solutions to ensure mission success when performance really matters.

Submarine and Ship Actuation

Moog’s legacy supplying actuation in US Navy submarines extends more than 50 years back to the USS George Washington class all the way to today’s USS Virginia class and the future Ohio-class replacement

Moog actuation is also found in mission critical surface ship applications such as the propulsion plants of both USS Nimitz and USS Gerald R Ford class aircraft carriers.