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Surface Ship Weapons

Moog is a leading supplier delivering high-precision motion control and electronic solutions to many of the world’s naval forces.

Reliability and Performance in Variable Sea States

Comprehensive systems are engineered to perform reliably in the harshest of marine environments, providing the long-life and dependability our customers require. Extending our customers’ investments even further is the scalability and upgradeability designed into every component and system along with through life support.

Surface Ship Weapon Offerings


  • Naval Turrets and Pedestals
  • Ammunition Loaders
  • Gun Control Systems
  • Weapon Stores Management Systems
  • Fire Control, Gun Control and Weapon Stabilization Platforms
  • Surveillance and Positioners
  • Rotary and Linear Actuators
  • Brushless Servo Motors and Digital Controllers

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Warship Automation - Degrees of Control

Warships have increased their levels of automation gradually over decades, replacing labour-intensive and dangerous tasks with more efficient mechanical or electrical systems. This has taken place at every level, from the operation of sensors and weapons, through navigation and control to power and propulsion.


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