Vehicle Integration Solutions

Moog is an industry expert in vehicle platform integration and design. Our expertise in vetronics, mechanics, design and integration make us an ideal partner in new vehicle platform design and manufacture as well as vehicle upgrade and retrofits.  We have a worldwide staff of engineers to design and integrate:

  • C4I Systems
  • Turrets
  • Ammunition and Handling Systems
  • Power Distribution and Management Systems
  • Radar and Sensor Positioning and Stabilization Systems

Some unique capabilities to support vehicle integration are highlighted below:

C4I Solutions

Moog has the expertise and experience to provide today's warfighter with the most advanced C4I systems.  Our systems utilize both COTS and custom technologies to meet the cost and performance requirements of demanding army's worldwide.

Moog C4I System Engineering Capabilities:

  • 3D vehicle layout and component CAD models to optimize platform configuration
  • Design and manufacture power management and distribution systems
  • Design for space-efficient and operator-friendly interfaces for all internal and external LRUs and crew storage systems
  • Create and deliver Technical Data Packages
  • Design of shock and vibration isolated light-weight racks and structures
  • Design of cables and LRU interconnect systems
  • Create and deliver detailed modification instructions

Vehicle CAD Modeling

Moog has the ability to develop complete and accurate CAD models of military vehicles. These models are invaluable for system upgrades and optimization. Our engineers have worked with the vehicle manufacturers to measure every component of the vehicle to get perfect CAD renderings of the vehicles. Moog currently has models of:

  • Family of Light Armored Vehicles (LAVs)
  • Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacements (MTVRs)
  • Family of Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs)
  • Several configurations of the High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWVs)

These models are used to support systems integration, platform trade studies, human factors analysis, and component design optimization. The finished models allow for development of ILS documentation, including development of Modification Instructions per MIL-DTL-28999C.

Custom Cabling, Routing and Assembly

Moog's cable designs and assemblies are field on many military programs today.  Moog has the expertise to design, package, and integrate these specialty cabling systems to meet the harsh environments for today's sophisticated vehicle electronics systems. Some features of Moog's cabling expertise:

  • Sealed to prevent ingress of damaging fluids and gasses providing an environmental/NBC seal
  • Employ a continuous over-braid EMC/EMI shield that provides a minimum of 90% optical coverage
  • Comply with the latest TACOM and MIL-spec drawings and specifications
  • Cable outer jackets are specified per TACOM 12614886 and are resistant to cutting, fraying and abrading
  • Qualified to MIL-STD-108

Land Systems Capabilities