Improving Metering and Positioning Capabilities for Gas and Steam Turbines

Moog offers turbine OEMs both electric and hydraulic solutions that improve metering and positioning capabilities and provide a wide range of benefits such as:

  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Improved metering or positioning capabilities
  • Lower system costs
  • Lower operating costs, including reduced energy consumption
  • Improved reliability

Our systems are designed to ensure reliability, safety and performance for long service life.

The Moog Solution

  • Electric actuators for inlet guide vane (IGV), gaseous fuel and liquid fuel controls
  • Hydraulic actuators for process control valves with integrated failsafe mechanism.
  • Electric fail-safe actuators for bleed valve control
  • Active Instability Control Valve (AIC)
  • Fuel metering units (FMU)
  • Liquid fuel pumps
  • Purge manifolds

Industrial Gas Turbines

From products that precisely meter high temperature, high pressure liquid or gaseous fuel to offerings that actively manage the pressure oscillations associated with today’s dry-low NOx combustion systems, Moog has the technology to provide cost-effective, high performance solutions.  Our offerings include:

  • Liquid fuel metering units
  • Fuel pump assemblies
  • Electric inlet guide vane controls
  • Fail-safe electric actuators
  • Hydraulic actuators
  • Electric fuel control assemblies
  • Manifolds for dual fuel applications

From product to system design, Moog understands the requirements of the Power Generation industry and works closely with turbine OEMs to meet their demanding specifications.

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