Medical and Dental Simulation

Medical and Dental Simulation

Haptics is the science of creating a realistic sense of touch to the user in a virtual environment. We have been on the forefront of applying this technology for many years in flight and automotive simulation, and now we carry this wealth of experience over into new challenging applications. These solutions range from complete training systems (e.g. dental systems) to offering customizable research tools that can be programmed for special requirements.

Haptics and virtual reality are still new and emerging fields. Customers in a wide variety of applications are looking for opportunities to use this technology for new training, assembly and simulation applications that were not even possible in the past. 

Greater precision and realism
Our background in providing realistic flight simulation and high performance aerospace testing has enabled us to push the limits of the technology for some of the most complex haptics applications. Our ability to provide proven, scalable solutions using leading-edge technology, makes us an ideal partner for applying haptics technology to real-world problems.

Our patented control technology allows for the most precise of movements that a person can easily feel and respond to in training, operational or assembly situations. Our technology offers the more realistic feel of texture, crispness, and pressure that is needed for exacting applications. The ability of our solution to achieve zero virtual fiction and perfect gravity compensation allows for precision movement required in medical and other procedure simulation.

Here are just a few of the areas in which our expertise and technology play a key role:

  • Our patented control technology allows for more precision and control than had previously been thought possible in the marketplace
  • Achieving absolutely zero virtual friction enables very fine movements
  • Offering the full range of movement from very high forces to the most delicate
  • Incredible realism and crispness of feel when contacting hard or soft virtual objects
  • Collaborating with the customer to deliver customized solutions for real world problems around the world