HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator

The HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator is a highly realistic virtual reality trainer for Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS). The system provides a scalable approach for training cataract eye surgery specialists and ophthalmologists.

The overall simulator shape mimics a patient lying back, with the trainee sitting at the top of the patient’s head (superior approach). The trainee views the surgical area through a virtual microscope mimicking an ophthalmic microscope. The trainee interacts with the simulation through two haptic handpieces that mimic the grips of the surgical instruments. The trainee can adjust the height of the simulator to a comfortable position. 

Real-Life vs. Simulated Surgery

Tunnel Construction Anatomy & Animations

The Benefits of Simulation Training

  • Provides realistic feel and visuals which give the feedback that allows trainees to develop surgical skills and judgment, before operating on patients. 
  • Allows rapid training of skilled cataract surgeons.  
  • Supplies an environment in which trainees practice until proficiency is achieved.  
  • Exposes the mechanics of the MSICS technique to improve outcomes.  
  • Enables detailed feedback using objective measurements to review results.  
  • Reduces risk to patients by increasing the surgeon's competence in advance of progressing to live surgery in the final phase of the training program

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