Support FAQs

Where can I order a pump or supplies?

To order products or supplies, contact your local sales representative or call Moog Medical Devices Group customer service at 800.970.2337.

How can I get repairs done?

Click on this link to fill out your RMA form on line or call 800.970.2337. Please provide the serial number (on the back) of your pump and reason for return. You will receive an RMA (Return Material Authorization) number that should be placed on the shipping label when the items are sent in to Moog.

Do you have loaner pumps available?

Yes. The company has a loaner program. When you fill out the RMA form on line or call 800.970.2337, you may request that you are provided a loaner pump.

Up to five pumps may be loaned out at one time based on needs of the facility. If additional circumstances require more than this please contact both your sales representative.

What is the cost to perform repairs?

Option 1: Basic Service may be provided by the bio-medical department per instruction in the back of the “User Manual”:

  • Checks that may be preformed by in-house Bio-medical Team:
    • Verify operation of basic controls and indicators.
    • Verify critical alarms.
    • Inspect and verify integrity of chassis.
    • Check to make sure proper warning and instrument labels are attached.
    • Perform functional check to assure pumping of fluid.
    • Check volume accuracy.
    • Check rate accuracy.
    • Clean and disinfect pump.
    • Determine electrical leakage in micro-amps.
    • Check for integrity of ground.
    • Check occlusion pressure setting.
    • Validate correct software revision.
  • If the problem can’t be resolved you must call Moog or use the online RMA request form to request an RMA in order to send your pump in for repair.
  • The minimum charge for repair service is $105 (1 hour of labor) per pump. This represents the time required for the diagnosis and handling of the pump, and will be applied towards the repair cost.
    1. Provide the item Model Number, Serial Number (when applicable) and a description of the problem.
    2. Obtain a Return Authorization RMA# from Customer Service.
      All products returned to Moog should be postage pre-paid, unless otherwise authorized by Moog.

Option 2: Send Biomedical Technician to a Moog Medical Devices Group facility for Training and PM Certification

Warranty Information and Services

Moog's standard limited warranty varies depending on product. Should a pump need service, return it to Moog Medical Devices Group. To arrange for repair, call +1 800.970.2337 or fill out the RMA form on line, explain the problem, obtain a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and return the product. Should you require a loaner pump one can be provided to you.

  • All repairs covered under the limited standard or extended warranty will be performed at no charge.
  • Turn around time will be approximately 1 week.

Medical Contact & Support

+1 800.970.2337 If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the Medical Devices Group customer support..

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