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At Moog we believe that electrification, automation and connectivity are interconnected themes that build upon each other. This idea has driven the design of Moog’s mobile machinery platform; built for a zero emission, increased productivity, and an always connected future. We collaborate with you to customize our platform to the unique needs of your machine— It’s how Moog helps get you to your future, faster.



Moog at CECE

If you missed our Moog presenters at the CECE digital event, check out these motion videos to see how we are accelerating electrification and automation for the construction industry.

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This Platform Will Provide Real Value

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    Lower Total Cost Of Ownership

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    Productivity / Efficiency 

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    Zero Emissions & Low Noise

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    Digital Connectivity & Revenues 

The Moog systems integration approach provides a comprehensive set of electrification and automation capabilities that will enable the OEM to have a complete turnkey system for next-generation machinery. 


YOUR IMAGINATION plus Moog's tools and capabilities, will bring your machines to life



Scalable To Fit Any Vehicle

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