Micro Hydraulic Solutions for Formula 1

While we are generally known for our servo valves, Moog also produces a range of other micro hydraulic proportional valves and actuators. These products are designed for use in Formula 1 where high performance solutions and minimized size and weight are required.

Moog can also produce complete turnkey actuation systems for motorsport applications using both hydraulic and electric motor technologies.

All Moog electro-hydraulic products used in Formula 1 are homologated by the FIA, this indicates they are approved for use with the standard Formula 1 Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

E024 Servo Valves

The E024 Series Miniature Servo Valve is available in two basic versions: a standard version with a linear flow gain characteristic and a high resolution dual gain version. The E024 Series was developed from the proven EO30 Series aerospace servo valve that is widely used for control surface actuation in civil and military aircraft.

It is ideal for motorsport applications where very high levels of power density are required, that can not be achieved with electrical actuation. These include: Selector drum positioning, clutch control, throttle control and torque control in limited slip differentials.  See Datasheet

E243 Power Assisted Steering (PAS) Valves (Rotary and Linear Versions)

The Standard Linear E243 Power Assisted Steering Valve is designed specifically to meet the requirements of Formula 1. It occupies the smallest viable space envelope - 41 mm (1.62 in) long and a mass of 27.5 g (0.97 oz). Despite the small package size, it is able to control hydraulic flow rates up to 15 l/min (4 USG) and pressures up to 280 bar (4061 psi).

Under new F1 regulations for 2014, it may be possible to use this valve in conjunction with a Moog E024 series valve to achieve electronically variable steering assistance levels.   See Datasheet

E085 Actuators (Standard and Custom Versions)

Our range of sub-miniature actuators are optimized specifically for motorsport applications: Throttle Barrels, Inlet Trumpets, Turbocharger Waste-Gate, Turbocharger Inlet Guide Vane, Clutch, Gear Shift. Many of these designs incorporate a robust integral eddy-current position sensor along the external conditioning electronics, chosen because of its ability to withstand high temperatures and vibration levels.

In addition to Motorsport, these actuators are suitable for use in applications such as Compact Robotics and Oil and Gas – Down-hole Drilling See Datasheet

E081 Integrated Motorsport Systems

If required, Moog have the capability to design, manufacturer and deliver complete motorsport motion control systems, utilizing either hydraulic or electrical actuation technology.

Working together with the customer, to evolve a detailed specification we can assist with the detailed design and supply a complete package. Typically, these systems are fully tested at Moog in conjunction with the customer’s ancillary hardware, before delivery, enabling accelerated development.