EO Imaging is now Moog! Here you can find a broad line of off-the-shelf video cards and systems, with an emphasis on video tracking and imaging applications.

High Performance Tracking Solutions

We are a world leader in the design and manufacture of Video Trackers and Imaging Products. Our staff has a legacy of over 40 years developing innovative solutions for complex and demanding tracking applications.

We manufacture a broad line of off-the-shelf video tracker products and systems, with an emphasis on products and systems for video tracking and imaging applications. Our trackers satisfy a diverse range of applications including tactical, surveillance, test range, training/simulation, medical and industrial.

Our company provides its customers a broad array of technical capabilities including embedded DSP hardware and software design, custom FPGA design, mechanical packaging, 3-D modeling and analysis, system engineering, and software development.

Video Tracking Systems

The systems are easily adapted for shipboard, airborne, vehicle-mounted, surveillance and tracking applications.

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Video Tracking Cards

Many models available providing the ability to track targets in a wide range of tracking environments.

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Camera Systems

Camera systems in environmental enclosures designed for rugged applications to assure the long-term reliability and boresight of the camera/lens assembly.

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Moog EOI Overview