Automotive Test and Simulation

Automotive Test and Simulation

While automotive testing has been around for more than 100 years, today’s test engineers face an environment that dramatically changes every year. You need new and demanding test applications that require new solutions, high-performance equipment and more innovative approaches.

Our mission is to deliver flexibility, innovation and trusted solutions to test professionals around the world, that they need to be successful and take ideas to the next level.

  • React faster to market changes
  • Remove product development boundaries
  • Validate and launch new designs faster 
  • Conduct more cost-effective testing 
  • Adapt faster to new safety and environmental regulations 

Meeting Your Toughest Challenges

To improve your approach to every test, discover how Moog's proven expertise combined with the world-class performance of our Simulation Tables, Multi-Axis Test Systems, Tire Coupled Simulation Systems, Test Controllers and SoftwareServo Valves and Test Actuators can improve your competitiveness by helping you find new and better ways of performing automotive tests.

Ensuring global consistency and innovation in more than 25 countries worldwide—including automotive manufacturing centers such as the US, Japan, China, India, Korea, France, Italy and Germany - our technical teams provide unsurpassed consistency in products and systems when delivering our leading-edge solutions.

Here are just a few of the areas in which our expertise and technology play a key role: 

  • Achieving more accurate data generation and faster testing
  • Integrating physical and virtual testing 
  • Introducing electric technologies that allow higher frequencies
  • Offering better solutions to 6-DOF applications
  • Featuring both electric and hydraulic technology 
  • Incorporating both hardware and human in the loop (H2IL)

Versatile, Digital, Configurable

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