7 - 8 Poster Test System

Used for high performance vehicles where there is a need to improve prediction of on-track performance.

  • Features evaluation of vehicle dynamics and body torsion experienced by high performance cars in high speed turns
  • Provides data to improve the designers understanding of aero and g-loading effects on vehicle dynamics and performance
  • Often used for suspension and chassis development


Hydraulic actuators with hydrostatic bearings and test controller with software to run test track data

Proven Solution

Moog developed a unique solution for motorsport vehicle testing that offers numerous advantages over traditional systems including higher performance and a mechanically simpler alternative to traditional designs. Test labs can realize these benefits with a full 8-poster system or by incorporating upgraded actuators and test controller systems. Moog is an innovator in the technology behind this unique solution and has worked closely with companies to address the challenges associated with testing high performance vehicles.