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Moog provides unparalleled control system solutions for present and next generation satellite and launch vehicle programs. The future of spaceflight demands solutions that are reliable and adaptable for mission success; by leveraging expertise in control components and subsystems, Moog offers low risk electronic solutions that complement customer requirements. 

Moog designs and manufactures control electronics for both Satellites and Launch Vehicles



Spaceflight and payload avionics and components are available build-to-print or customized, and tested for a wide variety of satellite applications.



Low risk electronic solutions for actuation, data acquisition, engine controls, guidance and navigation, mechanisms, ordanance control, power distribution and control, and propulsion controls.

Featured Product

BRE440™ RadHard CPU

The Moog Broad Reach BRE440 CPU meets the requirements of a wide variety space and high reliability applications. The BRE440 CPU is a fully radiation hardened implementation of the PowerPC 440 processor core in a true System-On-a-Chip design, including floating point unit.

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