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Today, an ever increasing number of Moog CSA’s customers are building sophisticated systems that must operate reliably in harsh environments. Our customers recognize the value of testing before the start of product operational lifetime. Traditionally, testing of space flight and other hardware has included thermal-vacuum, shock, and vibration tests to screen or stress components. Moog CSA offers a wide range of products that allow more comprehensive testing, simulating loads, vibration, boundary constraints, and other aspects of operational mechanical environments. These test facility products can be used to perform traditional stress tests. But more broadly, they allow our customers to easily assess performance by capturing essential features of operational environments and permit prolonged, comprehensive ground testing and refinement of subsystems. Our systems replicate the critical aspects of launch, flight, or on-orbit operation, and are compatible with other test facilities including vacuum chambers. They help close the gap between the real operating and synthetic environments. Risk is reduced, controllability is proven, and additional partial testing is avoided.

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