Electric Simulation Table with Tilt

Innovative 2-DOF Tilt Table for Increased Pitch and Roll Motion

The patented 8-DOF (degrees of freedom) Moog test system is comprised of a 6-DOF Electric Simulation Table with an innovative extra 2-DOF tilt table on top for large angular pitch and roll motions up to 30 degrees. The total pitch and roll angles of the test system exceed 50 degrees.

The system is designed to perform dynamic functional tests on vehicle components, such as automotive fuel tanks, with the ability to simulate real-world road conditions. Position, velocity and acceleration are controlled by the system through integrated control hardware and software.

The Electric Simulation Table with Tilt is part of the Simulation Table product family and can be electric or hydraulic, depending on the performance requirements and application.


  • New test applications
  • User friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Faster speed of testing
  • Minimal facility requirements


  • Vehicle components (e.g. fuel tanks)
  • Liquid sloshing tests
  • Functional testing (e.g. antennae and turrets)
  • Medical research