Automotive Test and Simulation

Automotive Structural Testing

Test professionals are looking for ways to bring new designs to market faster, meeting today’s challenges while preparing tomorrow’s. Moog expertise, combined with the world-class performance of our products such as fatigue-rated Actuators, Servovalves and Test Controllers make us a leader in providing both simple and complex structural test solutions.

Our approach to achieving faster and better tests on new models, parts and prototypes using electric and hydraulic technologies, ensures we can meet even the highest requirements for frequency, payloads and stiffness.

Hydraulic Simulation Table

Used around the world in automotive test labs for vehicle component testing, such as drivetrain components, interior and exterior assemblies, seats, steering column assemblies, batteries, cooling systems and roof racks.

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High Frequency Hydraulic Simulation Table

Used in automotive test labs for test specimen that require very high frequencies.

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X-Poster Test Rigs

Used with body in white and full vehicles to perform validation, durability, buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR), and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing.

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7 - 8 Poster Test System

Used for high performance vehicles where there is a need to improve prediction of on-track performance.

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What is Structural Testing?

Structural Testing involves quantitative tests of endurance, fatigue, and structural capabilities of components or modules.