Moog Aircraft Group Employees Honored by USAF, in Coining Ceremony

Moog Aircraft Group recently hosted senior leadership from the USAF 848th Supply Chain Management Group (SCMG) for an Executive Supplier Review. The USAF team included Colonel Robert Kielty, Commander 848 SCMG; 422 SCMS Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Adam Minnich; Mr. Steven Varughese, 423 SCMS Director and Mr. Tommy Nicholson, Materiel Support Contracting Division Chief. 

The successful review included multiple Moog plant tours at the corporate headquarters in East Aurora, New York and the traditional giving of challenge coins for outstanding performance. Felicia Kreuzer and John Buss were presented with the coins by Colonel Kielty, and congratulated on their hard work and outstanding support on the B1B and F-15 Rudder programs.

The “challenge coin” dates back to World War I when a U.S. Airman who was captured by the French and thought to be a spy was sentenced to be executed. By presenting his USAF coin emblazoned with his squadron’s emblem the Airman was able to prove his identity and his life was spared. Today, the coins are used to mark important milestones in one’s career, and fun rituals such as when the “coin check” take place. Learn More

Colonel Robert Kielty, Commander 848 SCMG presents Felicia Kreuzer and John Buss with challenge coins

Felicia, a 28 year employee at Moog, is a Repair Contracts Administrator supporting the B1B program. She is responsible for receipt of parts and then following them throughout the entire repair process while keeping the USAF at Tinker Airforce Base informed of the progress. While giving much credit to the other 10 members of the support team, her tenacity and persistence stood out to the USAF and garnered her the award.

John, who works on the F-15 Rudder as a product Engineering Technician, has been with Moog nine years. In his role, he is responsible for coordinating Operations, Product Management and other teams to ensure repairs are completed on time. The Aircraft Group is currently in year one of a five year support contract and John was recognized for his contribution to quickly getting the 6 member team up to speed and delivering in a short amount of time.

“This is a great honor for the Moog Aircraft Group and specifically for Felicia and John. We are proud to support the B1B and the F-15 Rudder programs and proud of the outstanding employees who contribute on a daily basis to this successful partnership,” said Joe Dillsworth, Director of Air Force Sustainment for the Aircraft Group.

Both the B1B and F-15 Rudder programs are competitive contracts, which Moog won based on merit after completing the Source Approval Request (SAR) process. While the F-15 Rudder is a new contract, the Aircraft Group has won the B1B repair contract for two consecutive five-year terms. Moog Aircraft Group ranks 25th in USAF suppliers, at 60.8 million in support contracts for Tinker Air Force Base alone. 


Written by Kay Bostaph, Marketing Communications Manager Aircraft Group