Chris Loghry on Moog's new space infographic

The infographic is a visual representation of all the locations within our Solar System with spacecraft that were supported by hardware built by Moog. We often only think of spacecraft going to locations in Earth’s orbit but many spacecraft leave Earth orbit and do incredible things that help us understand our Solar System or Universe better. Sometimes the spacecraft only has a few pieces of Moog hardware and in other cases it is not just hardware but full on subsystems built by Moog. In both cases, as in with almost all of our space hardware, the function is critical and must work. Failure is not an option as the famous quote goes. Moog hardware is trusted by many companies and space agencies to support these critical roles on often one of kind spacecraft.

Moog hardware and the engineering and manufacturing expertise in each piece of it comes from a long tradition of supporting space. Moog hardware was trusted in the past just as it is trusted in the future. Our end customers, including NASA, ESA, and JAXA, all rely on Moog to support these truly unique missions. We often are supporting spacecraft going to places and doing things no man-made object has done before. The criticality of that and the trust instilled by our customers is a testament to the dedication to the men and women supporting Moog across the world. Basically from our world to other worlds.

Moog’s Space organization spans across four countries and five states in the US along with additional support throughout the world in places like Germany, South Korea, India, and Japan. Each of these sites and offices support some critical role in space. Many of these are made of a close knit group of less than 100 people but include the extensive support of the headquarter operations in East Aurora, New York. This allows Moog to act like a small company or a big company as the opportunity requires. Moog’s experience in parallel markets such as Defense and Aircraft along with an Industrial and Components market provide unique cross-over opportunities as the line for what is space begins to blur. Think Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) and high altitude balloons beaming WiFi or whole constellations of hundreds of spacecraft built like you might build missiles or other relatively high volume hardware.

Blog by Chris Loghry | Moog Space Systems Engineer
Infographic by Thom Pirson | Moog Graphic Designer

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