O&M and Safety Conference 2022

Moog is pleased to announce our participation as an exhibitor at the Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference this year, hosted by the American Clean Power Association. The Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference is where the renewable energy and power generation industry connects to discuss challenges and identify solutions surrounding health, safety, operations and maintenance. 

Visit Moog at Booth #714 to learn more about our integrated, comprehensive wind turbine solutions. To schedule a time with an application expert at the show, contact us today.

For more information about the Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference, visit the conference site.

Moog Product Portfolio

Our wind turbine products include slip rings with contacting and non-contacting technologies, fiber optic rotary joints, rotary unions and more. Learn about these and other products featured in this event.

Wind Turbine Slip Rings - OEM & Aftermarket

Our wind turbine slip rings use fiber brushes to provide performance and quality that endure even the most demanding environments, avoiding costly downtime. In addition, they can be customized to meet specific design requirements upon request.

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OMS 2022_Anti-icing

Anti-icing Slip Rings

We offer slip rings for blade heating - with both anti-icing and de-icing capabilities - which can be retrofit onto the most established wind turbine models, for both hydraulic and electric blade pitch control.

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FO197S Fiber Optic Rotary Joint

The FO197S is an environmentally sealed single-channel, multimode fiber optic rotary joint. It is designed for harsh outdoor environments and is passive and bidirectional, allowing the transfer of analog or digital optical signals  across rotational interfaces.

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OMS 2022_920EDM

920-EDM Multiplexer

The 920-EDM Ethernet and Data Multiplexer combines two 10/100 Base-T(X) Ethernet channels, one 1000 Base-T Gigabit Ethernet channel and a CANbus channel on a single, bidirectional fiber-optic link. Its design reduces overall system costs and space requirements while making it ideal for real-time control applications.

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