Moog's Servocartridge Valves Offer High Dynamics and Flow Capabilities

Moog offers several high dynamic closed-loop cartridge valve products that allow machine builders to make compact integrated systems with exceptional performance. Available in two-way (DSHR) and three-way valves (SE 3), this product line offers high flow rates and rapid step response.

Moog's servocartridge valves feature a poppet and sleeve design (DSHR, 2/2-Way) in sizes NG 40, 50, 63, 80,100,125,160 and a spool and bushing design (SE 3, 3/3-Way) in sizes NG 30, 50, and 63. The SE3 servocartridge valve has a frequency response of 95 Hz at -3dB and a 12 ms step response time at 100% stroke. The DSHR servocartridge has flow rates up to 20,550 l/min [5,430 gpm](@ 5 bar [72.5 psi] pressure drop) and a 12 ms (NG40) step response time at 100% stroke. Closed-loop control is through a ServoJet pilot valve with a feedback device on the mainstage. On board electronics is a standard.

Special Solutions

Moog also provides special servocartridge solutions in Japan including a high flow and high-pressure sleeve-type cartridge valve (J833 series) with a high response voice coil Direct Drive Pilot Valve (J821 series). The sleeve-type design (2/2-Way) improves flow characteristics around the null position compared to the poppet type. The result is high response and stability with a rugged, long-life design. The flow rates range from 3,000 lpm [790 gpm] to 14,000 lpm [3,700 gpm] @ 35 bar [508 psi] pressure drop and a 15 ms step response at 100% stroke. Separate electronics are standard. This solution used frequently for die casting and high-speed injection molding applications.

Also available are 3-way and 4-way control servocartridge spool and bushing designs (J790 series). The ServoJet valve piloted 3-way valve has a flow rate up to 24,000 lpm [6,340 gpm] @ 100 bar [1,450 psi] pressure drop per land and a 20 ms step response at 100% stroke. The mini DDV piloted 4-way valve has a flow rate up to 1,650 lpm [430 gpm] @ 70 bar [1000 psi] pressure drop. On board electronics are standard. These are ideal solutions for large die casting applications and others requiring very high flow rates.

Our line of closed-loop cartridge valves will ensure that Moog products, known for quality and technical superiority, are available to meet the highest performance requirements of our customers.