At Semicon Europa 2012, Moog Shows How its Motion Control Solutions Help Increase Wafer Yields in Semiconductor Manufacturing

9 October 2012

Vacuum and Atmospheric Robots, Multi-axis Machine Controller with Autocalibration and a Semiconductor Toolkit Software Provide Productivity Gains

Moog Industrial Group will display its robots,  control systems and software for semiconductor wafer-handling at SEMICON Europa 2012 in Dresden, Germany from October 9 – 11, 2012. Moog offers a range motion control solutions including atmospheric and vacuum robots, controllers, software, aligners and ancillary products, and secondary actuators designed to help manufacturers  of semiconductor, photovoltaic and LED industries to increase tool productivity and wafer yields.

Moog vacuum and atmospheric robots and the Multi-axis Machine Controller with Semiconductor Toolkit Software are fully integrated and highly configurable for a variety of wafer-handling systems. This system enables a variety of unique and valuable capabilities including making on-the-fly adjustments of wafer placement, resulting in improvements in process speed.  This ensures correct wafer centering—without the throughput penalty of using a conventional wafer aligner typically used for this purpose.  In addition, Moog’s Autocalibration® technology in the Multi-axis Machine Controller with Integrated Servo Drives improves equipment productivity by automating critical robot calibration processes that are conventionally performed by technicians using time-consuming and subjective manual methods.

Semiconductor equipment makers often face the challenges of manufacturing a design that limits tool productivity. When using components that are not pre-integrated, equipment makers try to use software to help disparate components work together and this does not allow peak operational performance. One way Moog helps manufacturers’ overcome this challenge is with its Semiconductor Toolkit™, a software for speeding up the integration of atmospheric and vacuum robots into tool design, equipment front-end modules (EFEM) and wafer handlers.

“Manufacturers tell us that they need a robot that precisely fits their application,” said Tom Tischner, business development manager. “Our Multi-Axis Machine Controller has the power to control a complete EFEM, and deliver a much more productive result for a customer’s wafer-handling requirement,” added Tischner.  

Moog’s configurable technologies, engineering know-how and collaborative approach to design give customers productivity gains that just aren’t possible with traditional engineering strategies and tactics.“Moog will show how we can integrate our configurable products – such as robots, controllers and software – to tailor a solution that solves a manufacturer’s unique productivity challenges,” continued Tischner.  

To learn more about Moog , visit booth #1.036 at SEMICON Europa or