Moog Demos High-Performance ISR (T) Pod at Farnborough Air Show 2012

9 July 2012

Farnborough, United Kingdom – July 9, 2012 – At the 2012 Farnborough Air Show, Moog will reveal a new ISR (T) capability for customers who desire a rapidly deployable and comprehensive ISR (T) solution.  Dubbed the ProtectIR, Moog will demonstrate how this flexible and modular system gives allied military forces intelligence, reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting (ISR&T) superiority at half the cost and half the delivery timings that other manufacturers charge for their basic ISR configuration.

Moog (Hall 4 Stand F10) can deliver, integrate and train aircrews on the use of its ProtectIR on existing fixed- and heavy-rotary-wing aircraft within nine months after receipt of order, which is half the time it normally takes to take delivery and integrate other companies’ pods. The ProtectIR’s targeting pod can detect and identify a target set (Geo-Locate) and immediately hand off the coordinates to the aircraft’s Stores Management System. Once the pod sensors acquire the target, Moog’s airborne mapping & situational awareness system projects the target location onto a map with an appropriate Launch Acceptability Region (LAR) defined for engagement.

“Our goal is to deliver to international allied military forces a high-performance system at a low cost of acquisition, expeditiously,” stated Jim Riedel, business unit director for Moog’s Space and Defense Group. “Moog’s ProtectIR gives global customers a high-end ISR capability, and when necessary an armed response, that we can quickly integrate with the host platform’s armament assets.”

Without significance expense or integration difficulty, ProtectIR excels at collecting, analyzing and targeting at 20,000 feet Above Ground Level (AGL) and with 15 Nautical Miles (NM) range standoff which, historically, is where most air to ground engagements occur.  

ProtectIR is a fifth-generation forward-looking infrared imaging (FLIR) system with:
• An integrated moving map for situational awareness and launch regions
• An optional Synthetic Aperture Radar (AESA) with GMTI
• Moog FTS stores management system
• Inertial Measurement Units for Accurate Geo-Location of Target Sets
• Predator ™ Class data links.

Moog can configure the ProtectIR with optional payloads indicated above including Ground Moving Target Indication (GMTI)/Synthetic aperture radar or mobile phone tracking in a sub-140 kg (310 lb.) package. Moog has expertise in integrated stores management systems and more than 60 years of experience supporting the global defense market.  

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