Moog Improves Efficiency and Lowers Service Costs of Wind Turbines with its State-Of-The-Art Remote Terminal Software

10 September 2012

New software offers remote access, real time operational monitoring and troubleshooting for the pitch system of a wind turbine

Moog Inc, a motion control solution provider and leading developer of pitch systems and products for wind turbines, introduced its new Wind Turbine Pitch Remote Terminal Software that allows operators and manufacturers greater control and a more in-depth understanding of the operation of the pitch systems, which are critical to the efficiency and safety of wind turbines.

The new Remote Terminal Software can be accessed by both Moog engineers and the customer’s service personnel using a single, user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). Based on a proven architecture, the software offers users the ability to remotely diagnose potential operational issues in the pitch system and take corrective actions, either by parameter editing or through preventive maintenance actions.

Designed with the unique service needs of the customer in mind, the status view of the pitch control system will be displayed alongside important control information to make it a comprehensive but easy to use service tool. The parameter editor offers a full data-set and protected access to key parameters in the pitch system control software. The integrated condition monitoring functions provide early diagnoses of potential issues which is critical to reducing turbine downtime. The tool will also help operators plan on-site service work, allowing for effective and targeted maintenance. Software updates can also be applied remotely to ensure that customers can take advantage of continuous improvements in the tool. These are made based on feedback from global service organizations.

“As large numbers of wind turbines are situated in places difficult to reach by service personnel, it is essential that remote access is available to offer critical monitoring and control functions,” stated Tobias Rösmann, R&D manager for Moog in Unna, Germany. “The new Moog Wind Turbine Pitch RemoteTerminal Software will ensure that our customers are able to perform operational analysis and monitoring based on real time data. This eliminates the need for time consuming and costly on-site service visits and will play an important role in reducing wind power cost of energy (COE). The development of value-added tools that contribute to the profitability of our customers and the wind farm operators is part of the system package we deliver and shows our long term commitment to improving the efficiency of wind energy.”

Moog will introduce their new Remote Terminal Software at HUSUM Wind Energy show in Husum, Germany 2012 from September 18th to 22nd and can be found in hall 8, booth 8B18. For more information,  visit Moog at Husum

Photo Caption: Moog Wind Turbine Pitch Remote Terminal Software Status View