Highly flexible servo motor available in a wide range of flange sizes will help machine builders increase productivity and performance

12 June 2012

Moog Industrial Group announced the launch of its comprehensive range ofMaximum Dynamic Brushless Servo Motors (MD Series).

The MD Series Servo Motor addresses the evolving needs for higher dynamics through increased angular acceleration (ratio of peak torque to inertia) and higher performance in industrial applications.

This servo motor series enables machine builders and end-users in industries such as plastics, die casting, metal forming machinery and presses, food and beverage processing equipment and other industrial production machinery to increase productivity and machine performance through improved cycle times.

Moog’s highly flexible servo motor design can be easily integrated into existing machine infrastructures, thereby reducing the need for and cost of redesign. The modular design of the servo motor can be adapted to user specifications wherever needed through custom windings, flanges, shaft exit, connector types and orientations.

The servo motor is available in a wide range of flange sizes with natural and liquid cooled options. The modular design and characteristics of the motor is maintained throughout the entire range which helps machine builders accelerate their time-to-market.

“System designers today are seeking ways to accelerate the design process and achieve greater efficiency in operations. By combining high dynamics, a wide  range of motor sizes and flexibility in motor design, we’ve created a unique product which meets the demanding needs of users in a wide array of industries”, said Andrew Barrett, servo motors product line manager, Moog.

The MD Series Servo Motor is manufactured at Moog’s facility in Bangalore, India, and is also available with Servo Drives that are matched to the motor for optimized system performance. This family of products has been trialed in several applications across multiple industries, with highly successful results.

Technical specifications overview

  Units MD Series
Natural Cooling
MD Series
Liquid Cooling
Peak torque Mmax Nm
Continuous stall torque M° Nm
Rated Torque MN Nm
Rated Speed nN rpm 5,500-1,400 5,500-1,400
Rated Power PN kW
Moment of Inertia J Kg cm2
[lb-insec2 x 10-4]
Position Transducer Options   Resolver



Photo Caption: Moog Maximum Dynamic Servo Motors (MD Series)